New information materials on LGBTI in Zimbabwe

New information materials on LGBTI in Zimbabwe

On 3 April, representatives of Gays and Lesbians of Zimbabwe (GALZ) and Trans* and Intersex Rising (TIRZ) met up with the consultative team of the College of Health Sciences, University of Zimbabwe to talk about the production of information, education and communication materials for the LGTBI community. The Ministry of Health and Childcare commissioned the College of Health Sciences to develop these materials for health-care and other social service providers to increase social inclusion for the LGBTI community.

Samuel Matsikure, Programmes Manager of GALZ, said: “Besides PITCH partners, other key population groups have also been consulted and provided their feedback on the design and use of these IEC materials in focus group discussions and the key population meetings. In addition, GALZ contributed some of its existing materials to inform the suitability of content, language and presentation of the information for public use.”

According to Matsikure, “The new information material is aimed at promoting the LGBTI’s wellbeing and access to healthcare and other social services in Zimbabwe. It should help the LGBTI community to gain visibility in society, securing a safer environment where social inclusion and observance of human rights prevail.”  

Following extensive consultations with the key population community and other stakeholders, the College of Health Sciences shared a wide range of materials with GALZ and TIRZ, including information on safer sex between men who have sex with men, and the promotion of sexual health; mental health and how to address stigma, self-esteem, and communication with family; health lifestyle that promotes self-care, diet, exercising and spirituality; the rights of clients and LGBTI; social inclusion and stigma and families as a support system. Importantly, the poster showing diversity in the community will be used in healthcare facilities to promote access, quality, and equitable health services to LGBTI persons and other groups.

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