National advocacy platform for YPLHIV launched in Mozambique

National advocacy platform for YPLHIV launched in Mozambique

One of the key challenges affecting young people in Mozambique is HIV. They are not meaningfully involved in decision-making processes that affect them. To address this problem, PITCH partner Regional Psychosocial Support Initiative (REPSSI) is leading the launch of a national advocacy platform for young people living with HIV.

Voice for young key populations

The goal of the new platform is to enable young people living with HIV to work together and make their voices heard on issues such as the age for the disclosure of their HIV status and the stigmatisation of sexual behaviour for adolescent girls and young women. The platform will be linked with the READY programme, funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Maputo. The clinical data of the programme will be used to advocate for youth-friendly services for young key populations. The official launch of the platform will on World AIDS Day, 1 December.

 “We saw that many organisations work with people living with HIV and AIDS, but few actually engage with young people. This new platform gives young people living with HIV a voice in decision-making processes critical to their future. It also creates the opportunity to connect with each other, leading to a strong movement”, explains Valdimar Osvaldo António, PITCH Y+ coordinator at REPSSI.

Limited access to SRHR 

The HIV prevalence rate in Mozambique is 13.2%, but this information is not disaggregated by age, making it difficult to discuss the situation of young people living with HIV (14-24 years). The data does show that the HIV prevalence among 10-14 years group is low, similar in both sexes, but increases significantly from 15 years on, being three times higher in girls than in boys. With a large proportion of the population being under 24 (over 9 million out of a total population of 28 million), increasing access to reproductive health and rights for young people living with HIV is a major concern.

PITCH strongly supports the initiative and looks forward to seeing the platform grow and voice the needs of young key populations in the country and beyond. 

REPSSI is a leading African psychosocial support organisation working in thirteen countries in East and Southern Africa. REPSSI’s vision is that all communities and families nurture, protect and empower their children and youth. REPSSI partners with governments, development partners, international organisations and NGOs to provide programmes that strengthen communities’ and families’ competencies to promote the psychosocial wellbeing of children and youth.

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