MPact - Stigma-free healthcare for over 10,000 gay and bisexual men

MPact - Stigma-free healthcare for over 10,000 gay and bisexual men

Stigma-free healthcare for over 10,000 gay and bisexual men

The Bridging the Gaps programme has offered Alliance partner MPact the opportunity to strengthen the capacity of over 6,000 healthcare providers and other professionals. As a result, more than 10,000 gay and bisexual men now receive stigma-free and discrimination-free healthcare services. MPact and its partners achieved this by resourcing, funding, and providing technical assistance to fifteen grassroots organisations in the areas of service delivery, advocacy, and organisational development. They also strengthened local leadership through initiatives focused on leadership and PrEP demand mobilisation. Read on this page an overview of MPact's results in the Bridging the Gaps Alliance. 

Bridging the Gaps, an alliance of 9 international organisations and networks, collaborated with over 80 partner organisations led by and working for sex workers, people who use drugs and LGBT people to strengthen civil society, advocate for their human rights and improve the provision of HIV services. Learn more about the Alliance's results and key learnings 

How to deal with gay men’s health issues

Moreover, they facilitated the improvement of knowledge, skills, and sensitivity among healthcare professionals in dealing with the unique health issues and challenges faced by gay men. In addition, MPact trained over 7,500 healthcare providers and supported partners to set up and scale up a training and sensitisation approach, in addition to certifying public health clinics as stigma-free and discrimination-free zones.

The Bridging the Gaps programme has enabled a global advocacy network like MPact to leave a solid footprint at the country level in every region of the world. This helped sharpen MPact's global-level strategies and allowed us to realise several advocacy wins.


We should listen to the communities

An important lesson learned for MPact is to respect, acknowledge, and support communities’ knowledge, skills and expertise in leading the way in advocacy, programming, service delivery and monitoring. We should ask questions, listen closely, and support local organisations that address the community's needs, challenges, and opportunities.

10 years of Bridging the Gaps Alliance coming to a close

After nearly ten years, our unique Bridging the Gaps alliance is coming to a close. Countless organisations, networks and people have relentlessly been working towards a world where sex workers, people who use drugs, LGBT people and people living with HIV can enjoy their human rights and access quality HIV prevention, treatment, care and support. uses cookies to offer the best website experience possible and to anonymously analyze website behaviour. More information.