Mozambique launches youth-friendly website about sexual health

Mozambique launches youth-friendly website about sexual health

This week on Valentine’s Day, the Vibrações website got airborne. This brand new website, unique in Mozambique, provides young people with reliable information and services about love, sex and relationships, tailored to their issues and needs. During a festive small-scale live event in Maputo and via an open Facebook live stream, the official launch of the website was celebrated.

Countdown to going live

After engaging speeches by Rector Padre Filipe Sungo of Universidade Católica Mozambique and General Director Farouk Simango on behalf of COALIZÃO, the website was officially launched with a virtual tour for the audience. As per now, young people in Mozambique have access to quality information regarding sexual and reproductive health and rights. Supported by live music, the audience wrote their first impressions on the large Vibrações posters on the wall.

Invitation flyer for the launch Invitation flyer for the launch

Why a Vibrações website

For young people, it’s often challenging to access reliable sexual and reproductive health information and products. For instance, services are not youth friendly, caregivers don’t allow to get services because of age of consent, at school sexuality education is not comprehensive. At the same time, with everyone being different, young people have diverse kinds of issues and information needs when it comes to SRHR and HIV.

The meaning of Vibrações is “Vibrations”. The name refers to life, love and sexuality and fits really well with the holistic, sex-positive content. Developed by and with Mozambican adolescents and young people, the website is an important first step towards rolling out a Stepped Care Model approach and the build-up of a trusted youth brand in Mozambique. It offers access to quality, non-judgmental and sex-positive information for young people and is connected to an already existing youth national helpline – SMS Biz. In future, more steps within the Stepped Care Model will be implemented.

Impressions from the launch Impressions from the launch

Vibrações is Stepped Care

Developed by Aidsfonds, the Stepped Care model for sexual and reproductive health is a youth-centered approach that is responsive to the needs of young people, at the lowest possible cost. A web-based platform serves as an entry point from where young people will be referred to additional online and offline services to help them access the right services and information.

Logo Stepped Care Logo Stepped Care

Partners and funding

Partners in the consortium for the Vibrações website development are Associação Coalizão da Juventude Moçambicana (COALIZÃO), Universidade Católica de Moçambique (UCM) from Mozambique, WitsRHI from South Africa, Maastricht University - SHE Collaborates and Aidsfonds in the Netherlands. The project is implemented under the NUFFIC Orange Knowledge Programme funded by the Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs. uses cookies to offer the best website experience possible and to anonymously analyze website behaviour. More information.