Mark Vermeulen new director Aidsfonds

Mark Vermeulen new director Aidsfonds

Mark Vermeulen is the new director of Aidsfonds – Soa Aids Nederland. The Supervisory Board announced the news this afternoon. Mark Vermeulen (39) brings with him 10 years of experience in the (international) fight against AIDS and STDs and is currently an employee at the organisation. As a leader, Mark is focused on advancing the fight against AIDS and STDs in the Netherlands and worldwide. He is the first Aidsfonds – Soa Aids Nederland director openly living with HIV.

Yvonne Wilders, Chair of the Supervisory Board, welcomes the appointment by stating: “Both in the Netherlands and internationally, Aidsfonds – Soa Aids Nederland is being recognised for its impactful and innovative way of working as well as for its unconditional support to those who are most affected by STDs and HIV. The Supervisory Board is confident that with Mark Vermeulen as the new director, the organisation will pursue its efforts with even greater commitment and ambition. As a ‘next generation leader’, he will use his drive and personality to establish strong ties with those needed to win the fight against HIV, AIDS and STDs.”

Having lived with HIV since 2007, Mark has a strong personal commitment to the movement that aims to put an end to AIDS. Over the years, he has openly discussed his HIV status with the intention of reducing stigma surrounding HIV. His main motivation is to support people living with HIV in the Netherlands and worldwide, and to work together towards ending the AIDS epidemic.

Mark Vermeulen explains: “Whether you have access to life-saving medication all depends on where you are born. In the Netherlands I can live a normal life with HIV, but that’s not the case for everyone. Especially in other places in the world this is not always the case. My aim is to end this inequality. Furthermore, it’s time for new ambitions in the Netherlands. It’s unacceptable that every year in the Netherlands, over 700 people get an HIV diagnosis and one hundred thousand people contract an STD. These numbers can – and should – be drastically reduced. My ambition is to make the Netherlands the first country in the world with zero new HIV infections.”

In his new role as director, Mark Vermeulen is responsible for the ambitious strategic repositioning of Aidsfonds – Soa Aids Nederland. Together with those who are most affected by STDs and HIV, the Dutch government, doctors, healthcare professionals and other civil society organisations, Mark aims to work towards zero new HIV infections in the Netherlands; a valuable contribution towards the global efforts of ending the AIDS epidemic and drastically reducing the prevalence of the five most important STD’s.

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