Love Alliance: What does love mean to you? Love letters for change!

Love Alliance: What does love mean to you? Love letters for change!

All too often, we do not hear from those people who matter most. They are being criminalised, discriminated against, and pushed aside, because of who they are or what they do.

Therefore, on World Aids Day (1 December) and at ICASA -the International Conference for AIDS & STIs in Africa (6-11 Dec)-, we are giving voice to those people who need to be heard -from communities most at risk of HIV to changemakers wanting to make a change. After all, these communities, more than anyone else, know what works best for them. They should be given the space to make the change that they want to see. As the Love Alliance, we gathered love letters from communities all over the world. With the message 'what love means to me...', communities describe the world that they want to see and what politicians and funders should do to make that happen.

We are delighted that our partner and the funder of the Love Alliance, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, also contributed by letting us know what love means to them. Check out the video of Pascalle Grotenhuis, Director Social Development and Ambassador for women’s rights and gender equality. We look forward to seeing that their example is followed by other policymakers and funders to end AIDS globally.

So why now? All UN member states agreed to end AIDS and the HIV pandemic by 2030. We must continue to combat HIV. We can do that by investing in equal access to HIV prevention and treatment for everyone, and by getting rid of discriminatory laws that exclude people. It is time to end inequalities to end AIDS by 2030.

What does love mean to you? Share what love means to you and use the hashtag #LoveAlliance (see below for more!).

More love letters for change!

What does love mean to you? Share your message!

Share what love means to you in max 3 sentences on social media and use the hashtag #LoveAlliance. You can do this by posting a short video of yourself, starting by saying 'what love means to me...' or by writing a short message, also starting with 'what love means to me...'.

Join us on this journey working towards health and human rights for all! #LoveAlliance

About the Love Alliance

The Love Alliance is about us – LGBTIQ+, people who use drugs, sex workers, people living with HIV – and our power when we come together as communities. We advocate for adequate levels of funding and for taking truly human rights-based programs to scale. The Love Alliance is our chance to prioritize and invest in challenging the structural barriers of underfunding, criminalization, and exclusion of us in all our diversity and in all that we have in common. Together, we will push against gender inequality, other forms of inequity, injustices, and criminalisation demanding equity and inclusion in access to health and justice, including comprehensive SRHR and HIV services for all.

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