KidzAdherence Clubs, a successful virtual AIDS2020 workshop

KidzAdherence Clubs, a successful virtual AIDS2020 workshop

As part of AIDS2020, Zoë-Life an organisation from South Africa, facilitated a workshop. This entailed setting the tone for the creation of platforms from which to deliver child-centered HIV adherence services to children in a setting called KidzAdherence Clubs.

Nokuthula Heath of Zoë-Life speaks of her experience as a facilitator of the workshop, given in a virtual environment rather than face-to-face.

Virtual or face-to-face?

“Organising a virtual workshop requires a lot of coordination”, tells Nokuthula. “As an example we were not familiar with the digital platform for the workshop and had to learn how to use it. We had to work on presentation slides and pre-record a demonstration video instead of the live demonstration that we usually do. Luckily, prior to the workshop we were required to do a rehearsal with the conference team to demonstrate we were able to use the platform.” 

“Furthermore”, she continues: “I found it difficult to present to people that I could not see. You try to keep yourself motivated while you wonder how your audience is enjoying the training.”

Nevertheless, the 60-minute workshop was well received and the participants were actively engaged. “We have attracted around 2000 people including people who had watched the pre-recorded session. They asked critical questions around working with children and they also commented that it is important to engage children in their center of care. So all in all we can say it was a very successful exercise”, Nokuthula concludes.

What are KidzAdherence Clubs?

Zoë-Life aimed to equip participants with knowledge and skills to deliver the KidzAdherence Clubs support model. KidzAlive job-aids and activities were demonstrated to enhance child-friendly communication regarding HIV and COVID-19. Many children living with HIV have poor treatment outcomes compared to their adult counterparts. KidzAdherence Clubs address this challenge by providing children living with HIV with age-appropriate medication literacy and psychosocial support. Various play therapy techniques are used such as story-telling, art and games to increase children’s understanding of HIV and wellness journey.

Screenshot workshop slide Screenshot workshop slide

What do participants say?

“I am seeing some degree of participation which is key when working with children” – anonymous participant

“For children to be able to be engaged in their treatment journey it is important that we adapt information in a way that they can understand. In the clubs the children can also learn from each other's experiences” – Naroesha, the Netherlands

“Can I be able to get your job aids and presentations?” – Lucky from Uganda

 “Very interesting! What should be the qualification needed to facilitate sessions?” – Carol

 “I like the inside and outside story especially as it relates to issues of abuse. Having trusted people, they can even share these stories with to ensure it reported in one way or the other. How do we balance the issue of reporting for people that are within the child's inside story...”, - A participant

“Very inspiring workshop!” - Naroesha

More about KidzAlive and Zoë-life

KidzAlive is an evidence-based multi-component capacity building model for equipping healthcare workers, primary caregivers of children, with an integrated child-centered package of care to address HIV/AIDS and other chronic conditions. It has four key interventions including KidzAlive healthcare worker training, KidzAdherenceClubs, child-friendly spaces and the KidzAlive Talk Tool.

Aidsfonds and Zoëe-life partner in the KidzAlive@Home project

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