Graphic designer wanted for Stepped Care model

Graphic designer wanted for Stepped Care model

Aidsfonds is seeking the services of a graphics design professional - individual or company -  to design visual communication materials with regard to promotion of the Stepped Care model. On this page you can access the Terms of Reference.

Deadline for expressions of interest is Thursday 7th of January 2021, 23.59 CET

On this page:

  1. Background information
  2. Introduction to the Stepped Care model
  3. Purpose of the assignment
  4. Roles and responsibilities
  5. Expected deliverables
  6. Qualifications and experience
  7. Planning and duration
  8. How to apply

1. Background information

Young people, including young people living with HIV, aren’t always aware of their sexual health and rights (SRHR) and policies are often not well aligned to their realities. This hinders their access to sexuality education and uptake of treatment to stay healthy.

In parallel, young people have different kinds of issues and information needs when it comes to SRHR including HIV. Some may be helped by watching an instructional video. Others could benefit from a phone-call with a peer-support group. While others may prefer a physical examination from a licensed doctor. Self-care is how individuals protect their own health, prevent disease and treat illness, both with and without the support of a healthcare provider.

2. Introduction to the Stepped Care model

The Stepped Care model for sexual and reproductive health facilitates self-care by connecting young people to the different services that directly meet their needs. A web-based platform serves as an entry point to provide youth-friendly, quality, and engaging comprehensive SRHR sex-positive information. From this point, digitally-delivered personalized information guides the individual to tailored advise and refers them to additional online and offline services according to their needs.

Aidsfonds & Soa Aids Nederland have introduced and developed the Stepped Care model in the Netherlands around the youth-brand Sense. Building upon 10 years of experience from this brand, Aidsfonds has taken the initiative to scale the model internationally. Currently we are contextualizing Stepped Care in Kenya and South-Africa through One2One and Bwise respectively.

3. Purpose of the assignment

Aidsfonds is seeking the services of a graphics design professional - individual or company -  to design visual communication materials with regard to the Stepped Care model. Visual content developed includes user stories and will support in fundraising and lobby aimed at scaling up the model. 

4. Roles and responsibilities

As a designer you will be responsible for the design and development of multiple high quality visual materials for Stepped Care communication purposes:

  • You deliver creative graphic and technical solutions for the given content, advise on best design options and propose multiple versions for our consideration;
  • With developing graphic materials you organise complex information into clear visuals;
  • In design and layout of the visual material you take into account Aidsfonds’ branding guidelines (and branding requirements of other partners, as needed);
  • You ensure that each final communication product will be web-ready (and optionally print-ready) and available in appropriate format;
  • You work closely with Aidsfonds staff to conceptualize and finalize the designs of the multiple deliverables. This includes feedback on the proposed draft designs to be incorporated in the final designs.

5. Expected deliverables

  • Infographics and illustrations
  • Fact sheets
  • Investment deck
  • Animation explainer videos
  • GIFs 

6. Qualifications and experience

As graphic design professional - individual or company - you are expected to hold the following qualifications and experience:

  • a demonstrable 5-10 years of experience in state-of-the-art graphic design production, including animation
  • vast expertise in translating complex content into easy-to-understand and attractive visual material
  • proven ability to deliver high quality and to work with tight deadlines
  • a pro-active and independent attitude
  • excellent command of Adobe applications including but not limited to Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and After Effects or similar
  • ability to adequately apply existing branding guidelines
  • proficient knowledge of English, both written and spoken
  • experience with SRHR, HIV/AIDS or other health disparities is an asset

7. Planning and duration

When                                          What

7 Jan 2021 23:59 CET               Deadline for submitting Expressions of Interest

8-12 Jan 2021                            Selection of candidate

13-14 Jan 2021                          Contract procedure

15 Jan - 15 Mar 2021                 Production of deliverables

16 Mar - 30 Jun 2021                Occasional additional products

8. How to apply

Deadline for submission is 7 January 2021 23:59 CET. Expressions of interest in English only can be sent to Alexander Medik and Maureen Sellmeijer via this e-mail link. The subject line of the e-mail should read “EoI Graphic Design Stepped Care”.

Expressions of interest should include:

  • Motivation why you are most suitable for the work
  • Summary of relevant experience of graphic design services and formal qualifications
  • (Links to) extensive portfolio of similar assignments you have successfully executed. Kindly include samples of all graphic design products as indicated under Expected deliverables
  • Proposed hourly rate and estimated development time per product as indicated under Expected deliverables
  • Two relevant references

Selection will be made based on quality and relevance of portfolio, technical qualifications and rate. Professionals based in Eastern and Southern African region are specifically encouraged to apply. uses cookies to offer the best website experience possible and to anonymously analyze website behaviour. More information.