GNP+ - Inclusiveness of diverse communities of HIV+ people

GNP+ - Inclusiveness of diverse communities of HIV+ people

The Bridging the Gaps programme has enabled Alliance partner GNP+ and the national networks to be more deliberately inclusive of diverse communities of people living with HIV. They have been able to adapt their evidence-gathering tools, such as Human Rights Count! and the PLHIV Stigma Index, and to gather data that speaks to the specific experiences of HIV+ key population members. Read on this page an overview of GNP+'s impact in the Bridging the Gaps Alliance. 


Bridging the Gaps, an alliance of 9 international organisations and networks, collaborated with over 80 partner organisations led by and working for sex workers, people who use drugs and LGBT people to strengthen civil society, advocate for their human rights and improve the provision of HIV services. Learn more about the Alliance's results and key learnings 

Staff who identify as LGBTIQ+

At the country level, GNP+ saw genuine signs of transformation and a shift in attitudes. Some national networks have, for example, changed their governance in addition to hiring staff who identify as LGBTIQ+, use drugs or have sold sex.


The investment in networks through Bridging the Gaps has been transformational. It has provided networks with resources to consult with their communities, document what is happening in their lives, and advocate for the health and rights of all. The engagement of people living with HIV in national, regional and global policy discussions pushes those in positions of power to listen harder and act faster to achieve meaningful impact.’ Georgina Caswell, Head of Programmes, GNP+, South Africa


Peer-to-peer learning

GNP+ has learned the value of knowledge transfer between regions. They organised training sessions in South Africa and Kenya on HIV-Hepatitis C (HCV) co-infection amongst people who use drugs. The aim was to strengthen local advocacy for access to HCV prevention services, diagnostics and new oral treatments. GNP+ has also learned lessons from their counterparts in Europe and Asia and transferred the knowledge to East and Southern Africa. Such global peer-to-peer learning helps avoid reinventing the wheel, and it ultimately raises standards for all.

10 years of Bridging the Gaps Alliance coming to a close

After nearly ten years, our unique Bridging the Gaps alliance is coming to a close. Countless organisations, networks and people have relentlessly been working towards a world where sex workers, people who use drugs, LGBT people and people living with HIV can enjoy their human rights and access quality HIV prevention, treatment, care and support. uses cookies to offer the best website experience possible and to anonymously analyze website behaviour. More information.