Continuity of HIV treatment for male sex workers during COVID

Continuity of HIV treatment for male sex workers during COVID

“The Ministry of Health greatly supported us to ensure continuously addressing of the health needs of male sex workers despite the challenges caused by the COVID pandemic. They issued movement permits to our health care workers and engaged our team to maintain safety standards at the clinic.”

With support from the Aidsfonds COVID Response Fund, HOYMAS from Kenya managed to reach out to 312 community members and frontline staff.

Food and protective equipment

  • Food and nutritional support for HIV clients in two counties
  • Purchase of personal protective equipment for health care workers
  • Home delivery services for essential medicine, commodities and nutrition support

312 community members and frontline staff benefitted from food and personal protective equipment.

Food items handed out

Recorded improvement in ART adherence

Through the provision of nutrition and continuous online counseling and psychosocial support the issue of non-adherence to treatment was quickly solved. There is recorded improvement in adherence to ART among the male sex workers community in two counties.

The clinic staff is able to serve the community with confidence and without fear of exposing themselves and the clients to COVID-19.

awareness posters

Lessons learned

“t’s very necessary to urgently respond to HIV treatment and care of the vulnerable communities, tells a HOYMAS staff member. “Otherwise we would have ended up losing all gains that we have made over the years. Adaptation of current technological trends is key in addressing health issues especially during this period of time. We have learned that tele-health works very well given necessary support and resources.”

More about COVID-19 and HIV

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