Consultancy Workshops Diversity & Inclusion

Consultancy Workshops Diversity & Inclusion

Within our strategy, as an organisation, we are committed to diversity and inclusion as a reflection of the society and communities we work with. A diverse workforce is key to increasing innovation, flexibility and enables us to better achieve our ambitions as an organisation. As an inclusive organisation that puts communities first, including in our own workforce, we achieve greater impact in sexual health, STI and HIV control.

About us

Our organisation fosters and ensures an open culture where all colleagues with their diverse characteristics, competencies and experiences feel respected and valued and where everyone is committed. This means we strive for an organisational culture where differences are possible and welcome. The starting point for our inclusive organisation is the degree to which each colleague experiences a sense of belonging, space for authenticity and safety, and all are committed to contributing.

To realise this we currently work with a three-year diversity and inclusion workplan, which was based on initial research conducted in 2020. This research provided us with insights into which elements of inclusion and diversity needed to be improved. One specific activity already carried out 2023 is the update of our HR policy on recruitment to create a more diverse workforce. In order for this policy to succeed on the work floor we need to ensure that we create a more open culture, in which we listen and understand each other, we are allowed to make mistakes and were we become aware of our own unintentional biases and preconceived ideas. For the development and facilitation of workshops on biases, microaggression and bystander effects for our staff, we are looking for a:

Consultant to train employees on diversity & inclusion

We are looking for a consultant who has experience in this specific type of training and which can share existing tools within our organisation around Diversity day (6 October)

It is necessary that the consultant has an open mind, is non-judgemental and works through creating save learning environments in which we can grow together. Two staff members will assist and guide the selection of the exact content.


  • Preparation and development of a workshop for Aidsfonds - Soa Aids Nederland staff members in cooperation with two staff members
  • Facilitation of (initially) four workshop for Aidsfonds - Soa Aids Nederland staff (approximately 15 people per training)
  • Facilitation of a workshop for the leadership team within the organisation, so they are equipped to take this topic forward within the different teams
  • Short evaluation with UNITED team

You are

  • A professional on diversity and inclusion
  • Have a proven track record on facilitating and developing workshops on this theme
  • Able to work in English and Dutch
  • Based in the Netherlands and registered as a consultant

Apply now!

You can apply before Monday 14 August by uploading your curriculum vitae, a short proposal and your budget on our application page by following the button! The introductory interviews will take place on Monday 21 August.

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