Constituency Statement for Global Fund 45th Board Meeting

Constituency Statement for Global Fund 45th Board Meeting

The Global Fund Board is amidst developing its new strategy which will define how we work, where we work, and what we work on in the upcoming years. We should not take our decisions lightly. Ultimately, our decisions translate to life or death to our communities on the ground. Coming from the memories of our loved ones that have perished to HTM, and from our lived expertise of people living with HIV, tuberculosis and malaria, the development of the new strategy is a priority for our delegation. It is long overdue that Communities are given the leadership role in addressing HTM. Our voices, expertise, knowledge, technical capacity and unique lived experience must be recognized and valued as an equal partner in designing and implementing the next strategy.


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Nothing for us without us!

The Communities Delegation wishes all our partners successful deliberations in the 45th Global Fund Board meeting and requests that we engage in active dialogue (which includes actively listening to each other) instead of focusing on a reading of statements. 

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