Bridging the Gaps Sustainability Fund awarded fifteen grants

Bridging the Gaps Sustainability Fund awarded fifteen grants

To support sustainability of results and change achieved beyond the programme, Bridging the Gaps launched the Sustainability Fund. Fifteen grants were awarded, ranging from €3,000 for English language classes for staff to interact with international stakeholders and donors, to €33,000 for a multi-country social entrepreneurship project in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Partner organisations in Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Georgia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Tanzania received grants.


Bridging the Gaps, an alliance of 9 international organisations and networks, collaborated with over 80 partner organisations led by and working for sex workers, people who use drugs and LGBT people to strengthen civil society, advocate for their human rights and improve the provision of HIV services. Learn more about the Alliance's results and key learnings 


Sustainability of organisations and results

The Fund issued grants for activities that ensure the sustainability of organisations, results, and access to essential health services. Partners used the funds for the revision and development of strategic plans and documents and the exploration of new fundraising models. Also, a website upgrading project intended to provide online peer counselling received funding. The activities will provide organisations with solid systems for fundraising, strategising, and sharing information and resources. The Fund awarded grants for initiatives that sustain achieved results, such as a PrEP information campaign in Ukraine, an e-learning module on chemsex, and training on HIV issues for social workers. These efforts will help consolidate and embed lessons learned from Bridging the Gaps.

Essential SRHR commodities

Additionally, the Fund allocated money to ensure the continued supply of essential SRHR commodities, such as quality condoms, lubricants and COVID-19 supplies. Safe spaces and education materials will also be made available. The grants support partners to meet the SRHR needs of key populations, particularly in the context of the continued COVID-19 crisis in Eastern Europe.

10 years of Bridging the Gaps Alliance coming to a close

After nearly ten years, our unique Bridging the Gaps alliance is coming to a close. Countless organisations, networks and people have relentlessly been working towards a world where sex workers, people who use drugs, LGBT people and people living with HIV can enjoy their human rights and access quality HIV prevention, treatment, care and support. uses cookies to offer the best website experience possible and to anonymously analyze website behaviour. More information.