Become an activist for children living with HIV – join HIV2020 session

Become an activist for children living with HIV – join HIV2020 session

On August 18 a virtual interactive session “Time is running out for children living with HIV” will take place at HIV2020.

Six months after the launch of the #KigaliDeclaration the world is still failing children living with HIV.

Join activists around the world for a skills builing session to reconnect, refocus and re-energise our joint response for children living with HIV!

How to join

The event will be held on Aug 18, 6:00 AM – 8:00 AM PDT

6:00 San Francisco
8:00 Mexico City
14:00 London
15:00 Amsterdam
16:00 Nairobi
18:30 New Delhi
20:00 Bangkok
23:00 Sydney

For more information and to join the event, visit: Please note that you have to register for HIV2020 – which is free of charge.


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Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: Community perspectives on progress since the Kigali Declaration
Overview of the Kigali Declaration and presentations what the picture looks like on the key issues affecting children:

  • The needs and rights of women during pregnancy and breastfeeding                               
  • Point-of-care Early Infant Diagnosis
  • Pediatric formulations and regimens

Part 3: Understanding the current context for children in the light of COVID

Part 4: Advocacy, activism and accountability
Panel - Opportunity to hold ourselves accountable for our response, and map out a path from now to the end of the year, in terms of how we can influence:

  • In-country processes
  • Resourcing by Global Fund and PEPFAR
  • Rome Paediatric HIV Plan of Action
  • Implementation of the UNICEF and WHO strategic frameworks for children

Part 5: Wrap up

The session is a joint collaboration of GNP+, ICW, Y+, Aidsfonds, ITPC, PATA , HealthGap, Coalition of Children affected by HIV and UNICEF

Speakers and panelists

Jackline Okinyi - WOFAK

Annah Sango - Y+ Global

Charlene Donald - AIDS foundation South Africa

Bukiyola Ayinde - AfroCAB

Blessings Banda - PATA

Maureen Milanga - HealthGAP

Alexandra Volgina - GNP+

Catherine Connor - EGPAF


The session will be moderated by Maurine Murenga  (Lean On Me, Kenya) and Florence Riako Anam (MSF)


Children living with HIV are hardest hit

The world is failing children with HIV. Progress on preventing vertical transmission has stalled and, in some countries, regressed significantly. Early infant diagnosis and treatment enrolment have flatlined at dismally low levels–yet the needs of those aged 0-14 are being ignored. Access to HIV treatment and retention to care for paediatrics remain below target. It is estimated that1.8 million children are living with HIV, of whom almost 90% live in sub-Saharan Africa. Only an estimated 54% of these children have access to HIV treatment and over 300 children still die from preventable AIDS related causes every day. Inappropriate, suboptimal treatment options have contributed to low treatment coverage. The outrageously poor health outcomes of children with HIV show us how far from reality the call for Universal Health Coverage is.

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