ARISE! New programme on children and HIV

ARISE! New programme on children and HIV

A healthy future for 3000 children living with HIV in Western Kenya. That’s what Aidsfonds’ brand new INUKA! programme stands for. INUKA! is a Swahili word meaning Arise! and that is exactly what is going to happen. We are going to empower communities so they will arise and be able to take up social and financial support for the well-being of pregnant women and children living with HIV in their communities.

Early 2019 Aidsfonds and Kenyan Women’s organisation WOFAK have started the INUKA! programme in Western Kenya. The INUKA! program is developed  to:

  • find, bring to and retain in care 3000 children living with HIV between the age of 0-14 years who are not yet in care.
  • monitor those children already in care to ensure ART initiation, retention and viral suppression
  • reduce the number of Mother-To-Child-HIV-transmission by supporting pregnant women living with HIV.

We aim for the INUKA! community based intervention model to be scaled up by government and other partners in the event that it demonstrates the expected results.


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