Aidsfonds’ supported patents study in Ukraine awarded at AIDS2022

Aidsfonds’ supported patents study in Ukraine awarded at AIDS2022

The abstract ‘Research on evergreening patents in Ukraine’ has been selected as a winner of the International AIDS Society/ANRS Lange/van Tongeren Prize for Young Investigators. Author Mykyta Trofymenko of 100% Life, the national network of people living with HIV in Ukraine, received the award at AIDS2022.


“I was astonished when I heard the amazing news!” says Mykyta Trofymenko, still excited. "The impact of intellectual property on medicines prices is undeservingly underestimated. That is why I am delighted that my abstract has received this prize. It shows an increased awareness among the scientific community on the importance of studies on interrelation between patents and prices for ARV and other medicines."

Portrait of Mykyta Portrait of Mykyta

Evergreening patents

The research describes the results of an analysis of essential medicines patents and on whether they could be considered evergreening. Furthermore, it analyses evergreening patents based on different criteria such as type, owner, etc. Recommendations published by the UNDP, ICTSD and WHO served as the base for the research. Unique at the international level, the study was conducted in Ukraine in 2017-2020 by 100% Life with the support of Aidsfonds and ITPC Global.

Abstract Abstract

The IAS/ANRS Lange/van Tongeren Prize for Young Investigators

The six USD 2,000 Lange/van Tongeren Prizes for Young Investigators are jointly funded by the International AIDS Society (IAS) and Emerging Infectious Diseases France (ANRS). The prize supports young researchers who demonstrate innovation, originality, rationale and quality in the field of HIV research. In 2015, the Young Investigator Prize was permanently renamed in memory of Joep Lange and Jacqueline van Tongeren.

100% Life

100% Life is the national network of people living with HIV in Ukraine. Mykyta Trofymenko works as Intellectual Property Counselor and as such he is coordinator of 100% Life's advocacy project implemented under the Challenging intellectual property barriers programme funded by Aidsfonds. uses cookies to offer the best website experience possible and to anonymously analyze website behaviour. More information.