Aidsfonds Joins Giro555 for Emergency Aid to Ukrainians with HIV

Aidsfonds Joins Giro555 for Emergency Aid to Ukrainians with HIV

People living with HIV in Ukraine, and those fleeing from the conflict, urgently need our support. Their lives depend on medication, but the situation leaves many of them empty-handed. Aidsfonds has been invited to join the collaborating aid organisations of Giro555 as a guest participant to ensure that people in need can continue accessing their life-saving HIV treatment.

It is crucial that people with HIV continue to have access to HIV medicines. Being forced to stop HIV treatment is extremely bad for their health and can be life-threatening because the lack of treatment can result in AIDS being developed. However, the ongoing war in Ukraine is seriously disrupting access to health, as pharmacies are closed and transportation to clinics has become near-impossible.

Ukraine is facing the largest HIV epidemic in Europe. In Ukraine, 260,000 people are living with HIV, and more than 9000 people are added every year. Care for these people must continue in times of war.

With the support of Giro555 and in collaboration with our partners, we are planning to ensure that HIV medication reaches people living with HIV. We will do this both in Ukraine and other Eastern European countries where refugees settle.

Vulnerable groups

For people who have fled to other countries in the region, it is important that they know where they can receive care and medication. That is why we set up information channels where we inform them about this. Vulnerable groups, such as transgender people and people who use drugs, require special attention. They must be able to find safe places where they are not being discriminated against, and where care is tailored to their needs.


Guest participants of Giro555 offer help that provides added value complementary to the support of the 11 existing cooperating aid organisations. They must have a track record in the affected area and a good logistics network in place. As Aidsfonds, we are grateful for the support we are receiving to help people living with HIV in dire need.


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