Action meeting on paediatric HIV care in Mozambique

Action meeting on paediatric HIV care in Mozambique

Last month, Aidsfonds and Positive Action initiated a strategic planning and action meeting on paediatric HIV care for its partners in Mozambique. The timing was right to commit to prioritizing children.

Ambitious investment case

“Our specific long-term goal for children in Mozambique is to ensure that all children living with HIV have access to quality treatment and care”, says Sabrina Erné of Aidsfonds. “During the strategic planning and action meeting in Maputo, we met to identify priorities, strategic lines, necessary interventions and actions in the response to paediatric HIV care in Mozambique.” This has led to the joint ambition to develop a robust, ambitious and achievable investment case on paediatric HIV ensuring to find the missing children, to be scaled up by government and fully funded.

Establishing a core Mozambican team

A core Mozambican team was established consisting of ADPP, N'weti-Comunicação para Saúde  and REPSSI. All together a wealth of knowledge! Everyone learned from each other and from experiences of partners from Uganda  and Zimbabwe, including the C3 model.

Julio Mutemba, Country Representative for REPSSI, about the meeting: “It was eye-opening. Through learning from others, it made me reflect critically when discussing M&E. Position us to align our strategies and activities, towards finding that missing child.”

Mzikazi Ntuli of ADPP: “We appreciate the lessons learned from other in-country organisations in Uganda, Zimbabwe and South Africa, – all three dynamic presenters with lots of expertise and passion for the children in their countries and so much willingness to share! The 4 days were worth it. We look forward to future platforms of this nature.”

It was eye-opening.

Mzi Mzi

Accelerate impact

Sabrina: “Our joint approach is to ensure we put children and communities first, we collaborate with those that have similar goals, and we strategically invest in order to accelerate impact.”

Data show there is a big paediatric care gap in Mozambique. The country has the second largest HIV epidemic in the world, with the second highest rate of new infections. In 2019, Aidsfonds and Positive Action  partnered to support organisations in Mozambique to find the children and their mothers living with HIV whom don’t know their status yet. To find them as early as possible and bring them into care. uses cookies to offer the best website experience possible and to anonymously analyze website behaviour. More information.