MaxART newsletters

MaxART newsletters

During the MaxART programme a total of 10 newsletters were published providing an update on the progress, lessons learned and impact of the programme. On this page you'll find an overview of all editions.

Edition 10 - Near an HIV free generation? It's happening in Eswatini

Cover edition 10

Edition 9 - MaxART informs Test & Start approach

Cover edition 9

Edition 8 - Access equity rights now

Cover edition 8

Edition 7 - Engaging communities is key!

Cover edition 7

Edition 6 - From evidence to action: evaluating Early Acces to ART for All

Cover edition 6

Edition 5 - Preparing the ground for Early Access to ART for All

Cover edition 5

Edition 4 - Reaching out to young people

Cover edition 4

Edition 3 - HIV testing saves lives

Cover edition 3

Edition 2 - MaxART reaches out to men

Cover edition 2

Edition 1 - Better health and zero new HIV infection in Swaziland

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