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Individual assistance

Being ill often involves extra costs. For people with HIV at risk of having financial problems as a result of their illness,  Aidsfonds can sometimes provide support through its Individual Assistance programme. In most cases it concerns costs resulting from HIV and those not covered by a tax refund for chronic illness or benefits based on the Social Support Act.

What is individual financial assistance?

The Aidsfonds gives individual financial assistance on a once-only or temporary basis to alleviate costs and as a result, make living with HIV easier. The Aidsfonds provides help when no reimbursement is available from the government or other institutions. The individual grant that people receive is always given in the form of a gift and not a loan. No money is given for monthly recurring costs or for paying off debts and loans. Individual assistance is possible thanks to contributions from our donors.

More information

For information and advice or to request an application form, please contact Tineke Straver or Toon Sackman, the Aids Fonds' Individual Assistance counsellors. They are available every weekday between 13.30 and 16.00 hours on telephone number 020- 62 62 669. You can also ask to be called back.

Frequently asked questions about individual assistance

Who can apply for individual financial assistance from the Aids Fonds?
If you live in the Netherlands, are HIV-positive and have such a low income or social security benefit that extra costs are a problem, then you may be eligible for a grant. To determine this, the Aids Fonds carries out an income assessment for each application.

What sort of expenses can you apply for?
Applications must fall into one of the categories below:

  • Medical costs that you have to pay as a result of your illness and that are not normally reimbursed.
  • Expenses that you have to pay to live healthily with HIV.
  • Costs incurred in order to have a social life.

Within the above categories, grants are possible for a limited number of specific costs. To determine whether you are eligible for a particular reimbursement, the Aids Fonds has drawn up supplementary conditions.

Depending on your situation, you can submit one or more applications to the Aids Fonds. Please note: the total grant that you receive over three years cannot come to more than € 1500. When you apply for expenses resulting from HIV-related physical complaints, this maximum can be increased by € 500.

If there is an emergency situation in which your health is at risk, your care provider can always contact the Aids Fonds' counsellors and request that an exception be made.

How do you submit an application?
You can call the Individual Assistance counsellors on weekdays during the hours of 13.30 to 16.00. You can then request an application form and also discuss your questions and/or problems. Together with you, the counsellors look at whether your application has a chance and how you can best submit this application. They also go through with you all the available statutory provisions that you have tried and whether there are any other solutions that you may not have thought of.

HIV/AIDS nursing counsellors also have application forms and are aware of the Aids Fonds' work. You can also discuss your problem with them and if necessary, they can also present your questions to the Individual Assistance counsellors.

How does the application procedure work?
You will receive a written response within six weeks of your application.

Appeal procedure
When your request is denied you will receive a refusal letter. Within six weeks you can appeal against this decision by sending a letter explaining your reasons to the Aids Fonds' Board of Directors. Your request will be re-assessed. You will receive a written response to your appeal within six weeks.

If you write 'Individuele Hulpverlening' ('Individual Assistance' in Dutch) or IH on the envelope to the Aids Fonds, your privacy will be guaranteed and your letter will go unopened to the Individual Assistance counsellors. All post from Individual Assistance will be sent to you in a blank envelope, and an anonymous account will be used for payments to you or third parties.

How do you claim a grant awarded to you?
If your application is granted, you will receive notification of this. The amount awarded will be reserved for you. You can claim this money by sending valid proofs of payment. A week after receipt, the amount claimed will be credited to your account. Large amounts can be directly transferred to the supplier or retailer where you placed your order. The Aids Fonds uses an anonymous account for this. As a result, the Aids Fonds will not be visible on statements. The amount awarded will be reserved for you for three (accounting) years. After this period, the amount not (yet) claimed will automatically expire.

Why can't you contact us by e-mail?
Because of the procedure we follow and to protect your privacy, it is not possible to contact the Aids Fonds by e-mail.