The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the HIV response. Local and regional partners that provide critical HIV and sexual and reproductive health services to their communities face increased difficulties to reach people in need. People who use drugs are not showing up for their substitution therapy and antiretroviral (ARV) medication. Flights are cancelled blocking the import of ARVs into countries. The stock of HIV self-test kits is not replenished. Unfortunately, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Learn on this page about local communities' responses, challenges and needs. 

Communities first!

In a time where all countries in the world (including developed ones) struggle to secure national health, marginalised communities take a backseat. We know that when communities have space, capacity, and resources to mobilise — while being empowered — great strides can be made. Communities themselves hold governments accountable, remove barriers to disease prevention and treatment, fight injustice and inequalities, and ensure the most vulnerable and marginalised groups are included in the overall health response. 

Read our official statement on how communities need to come first in the global COVID-19 response.

Birhane in Ethiopia Birhane in Ethiopia

63 projects in 33 countries successfully continued HIV services during COVID-19

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, our partners intensified their efforts to ensure nobody is left behind in the HIV response. The results are impeccable! Dive into the impact of 63 community-led projects—funded by Aidsfonds COVID Response Fund. 

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Communities speak out on COVID-19

How does COVID-19 affect the HIV response and how does it influence the work of local communities who need to reach people in need? Amongst our local partners in countries in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe, we see challenges arise that block the outputs of their fight against HIV. Follow and share their stories. 

Overview all communities speak out stories Overview all communities speak out stories

COVID-19 and HIV funding opportunities

As the COVID-19 pandemic is progressing around the world, we see more local partners being affected throughout their operations. Luckily there are foundations providing emergency funding. On this page, we keep an updated overview of all grants. 

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Answers on COVID-19 and HIV medication

The new coronavirus, COVID-19, raises many questions, also concerning HIV, HIV inhibitors and PrEP. Access some answers for frequently asked questions which are updated regularly. So, make sure you come back for the latest news. 

Aidsfonds COVID Response Fund

Aidsfonds launched the 'COVID Response Fund' to support existing Aidsfonds grantees and partners in their urgent work to reach people in need. The fund is aimed at current partners to enable a rapid transfer of grants.

Uganda TAFU Uganda TAFU

COVID-19 and sexual health

What does COVID-19 have to do with your sexual health? Get Up Speak Out gives the answers in a new video so you can help prevent the spread. 

Appeal: The COVID-19 crisis requires national ánd international solidarity

Read a joint appeal signed by 40 Dutch development, human rights and emergency organisations stating that especially now, it's crucial to include developing countries & CSOs in governments' emergency measures.

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More reliable COVID-19 sources

Keep yourself updated with the latest information about COVID-19 from reliable sources such as:

Media Media

Resources for key populations

Find reliable information and resources on COVID-19, specifically for key populations, on the Bridging the Gaps website. The programme's alliance partners frequently update the page catered to sex workers, people who use drugs and LGBT. 

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