Communities taking the lead in programming

Communities taking the lead in programming

Communities know what works and which approach is most effective. Community-led and community-based programming enables people to take control in their own communities. Through co-creation and co-decision making, we jointly design, implement and evaluate our projects.

We kick-start innovation as new methods are required to stop AIDS. We boldly experiment, tackle challenges that others are reluctant to address, test our solutions and help governments to roll out the results of our pioneering work.

How do we do it? Here's how:

Kids to Care Model

The Kids to Care model empowers communities to find and support children and pregnant women living with HIV and strengthens the links between communities and health facilities. Community health workers play a central role in the model and are a crucial link at all four stages of HIV care for children: find, test, start and stay.

Kids to Care image Kids to Care image

Thandizo Tool

Thandizo is an online risk assessment tool for young people living with HIV in Malawi to improve treatment adherence. The app was developed and tested with community health workers and young people themselves.

Thandizo image Thandizo image

Hands Off! Programme

Sex worker-led initiatives have proven to be most effective to reduce HIV and violence. If violence against sex workers is addressed, new HIV infections can be reduced by 25%. Hands Off works with sex workers, police, religious groups, health care workers and policy makers on human rights and health services since 2014 to successfully end violence against sex workers.

Hands off model Hands off model

How else do we shift the power?

Communities taking the lead in advocacy

Communities taking the lead in...

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Partnerships for sustainable change

Partnerships for sustainable change...

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