Communities speak out on COVID-19

Communities speak out on COVID-19

How does COVID-19 affect the HIV response and how does it influence the work of local communities who need to reach people in need? Amongst our local partners in countries in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe, we see challenges arise that block the outputs of their fight against HIV. On this page, we will address the difficulties that impact community-led work, how communities combat them, and what they need from local governments and global policy. Follow professionals in Indonesia, South Africa, Kenya, Vietnam, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Nigeria, and Ukraine, and help us spread their stories. 

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The strength of communities

In the AIDS response, we see communities such as LGBT, people living with HIV, and sex workers repeatedly step forward to cater to their local environment and provide real-life solutions to marginalised groups. They successfully advocate for what they need to get the job done — mobilising the local population, CSOs, international NGOs and even high-level policymakers. At Aidsfonds, we fully support these communities by investing in their work and providing support wherever possible. 

Nicholas Niwagaba UNYPA

Help spread the voices

We appeal to everyone to share these community voices to ensure that marginalised communities are not left behind. You can contribute by sharing the individual pages below on social media using the hashtag #HIVCOVID19 or by creating your own videos.  


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Stay tuned as more stories are published each week. For now, dive into the stories from Nicholas about young people in Uganda; Jackline about children in Kenya; Tung about LGBTIQ people in Vietnam; Baby on people living with HIV in Indonesia; Unoziba on sex workers in Zimbabwe; Olgah on young people in Uganda; Richard on LGBTI people in Uganda; Nokuthula on children in South Africa; Joel on LGBTQI people worldwide; and Pamela on sex workers in South Africa. 

Nicholas speaks out on COVID-19

Tung speaks out on COVID-19

Baby speaks out on COVID-19

Unoziba speaks out on COVID-19

Olgah speaks out on COVID-19

Nokuthula speaks out on COVID-19

Joel speaks out on COVID-19

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