Communities lead programming and funding

Communities lead programming and funding

Co-deciding on programming and funding allocation enables communities to take control. Through co-creation and participatory grantmaking, projects are jointly designed, implemented, and evaluated and ensure change is fit for purpose.

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Why Participatory Grantmaking?

First and foremost, because communities know better than us what works for them. But participatory grantmaking is about more than effective grantmaking: it also creates a paradigm shift in how we work alongside communities. By sharing decision-making power about funding with the very communities that funders aim to serve, the participatory process becomes part of the impact rather than an administrative and often opaque process. And by involving communities and their representatives in defining funding strategies, criteria and award decisions, we strengthen their capacity and ability to take over larger grantmaking responsibilities in the future.

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Love Alliance

The Love Alliance is about us - people and our power when we come together as communities. It is a unique partnership that directly funds community-led responses in 10 African countries, putting communities in the lead of programming and funding.

Love Alliance

Kids to Care Model

The Kids to Care model empowers communities to find and support children and pregnant women living with HIV and strengthens the links between communities and health facilities. Community health workers play a crucial role to find and support children and pregnant women living with HIV in 6 African countries.

Kids to Care image Kids to Care image

The road to community leadership

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Communities have agency over their own health

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