Communities lead in advocacy

Communities lead in advocacy

Policies and funding that reflect the needs of civil society by utilising country, regional and global advocacy which is fully informed by communities’ priorities and community-led evidence.

What does that look like in practice? Here's how!

Hands Off!

We work directly with sex worker-led groups, police, and NGOs working on human rights and health services to reduce violence against sex workers. As such, sex workers document human rights violations in 4 Southern African countries and use this evidence to advocate for sex workers’ rights.

Hands off

You(th)Care – My health my responsibility

Self-care is important for adolescents and young people: it improves their agency over their own SRHR, particularly for those who are excluded or face challenges to access services through health providers (e.g. due to poverty, distance, lack of privacy and out of fear of stigma). Through the You(th)Care programme, young people advocate for self-determination of sexual and reproductive health in Zambia, Kenya and Tanzania, such as the vaginal Dapivirine ring and self-injectable contraceptives. 


The road to community leadership

Meaningful engagement of communities

Meaningful engagement of communities...

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Communities lead programming and funding

Communities lead programming and...

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Communities have agency over their own health

Communities have agency over their...

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