Communities have agency over their own health

Communities have agency over their own health

Self-determination increases agency of one’s health - (digital) health solutions that meet the need of accessibility, anonymity, and user-friendliness for SRHR/HIV information and services.

Together with partners, we have built multiple (digital) self-care and health solutions that meet the need for accessibility, anonymity, and user-friendliness of SRHR/HIV information and services.

What does it look like? Here's how:

Stepped Care Model for Sexual Health

An innovative self-care model offering evidence-based SRHR information co-created with young people in Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa, Indonesia and the Netherlands.

You(th)Care Programme

Young people advocate for and practice self-care for their SRHR needs, including products such as the Dapivirine ring and self-injectable contraceptives. In Zambia, Tanzania and Kenya, we expect 325.000 young people to benefit.

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The road to community leadership

Communities lead programming and funding

Communities lead programming and...

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Meaningful engagement of communities

Meaningful engagement of communities...

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Communities lead in advocacy

Communities lead in advocacy

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