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Our approach

Aidsfonds operates both in the Netherlands and internationally. In its home country, Aidsfonds has been involved in prevention, treatment, care and support for people with HIV and risk groups for over 30 years. The unique Dutch approach has proved successful: overcoming taboos and doing everything necessary to tackle smaller outbreaks that could potentially combine to form one huge national epidemic. As a result, we use our expertise to fight the global AIDS problem.

Fighting for vulnerable groups

AIDS hits some groups harder than others – often people who are already in vulnerable situations, like men who have sex with men, drug users, sex workers and ethnic minorities. People with HIV are also vulnerable and frequently have to deal with stigma and discrimination. Aidsfonds fights for these people. The right to prevention, treatment, care and support is central here.


Aidsfonds aims to show that new methods work. We therefore invest in promising innovative projects and methods. We have built an international reputation in financing work that's important, but nobody wants to fund otherwise. After proven success, these activities are rolled out on a large scale by other (international) organizations. In this way, Aidsfonds enables changes that would otherwise seem impossible.

Scientific research

Without investment in knowledge acquisition, we can not stop the AIDS epidemic. Quality is an important premise for effectiveness. To contribute to new knowledge, Aidsfonds invests in scientific research. We are now one of the Netherlands' major funders of scientific research into HIV and AIDS. Dutch AIDS research is highly respected and makes an important contribution to international knowledge about HIV and AIDS. 

AIDS on the agenda

Aidsfonds aims to bring about permanent changes. This is only possible if there is sufficient funding and support for AIDS relief. As a result, we develop campaigns and raise money for AIDS projects. In addition, we constantly draw the attention of governments and policy makers to the AIDS problem.