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Name change

As of 1 December 2016, STOP AIDS NOW! and Aids Fonds are going forward under the name Aidsfonds. At this page you can read more about the name change and its consequences.

Why one name?

UNAIDS has adopted a fast track strategy to put an end to AIDS by 2030. And the coming five years are of vital importance. We can stop the epidemic only if we focus on the people and regions most affected. And that is exactly where STOP AIDS NOW! and Aids Fonds enhance each other’s strengths. We have been working together for some time and within the same organisation.

Injustice hinders an effective AIDS response. With one name, we have a louder voice and more influence as we make a stand against injustice. Combining our knowledge and expertise will increase the impact of our work.

We work together with you to focus on those population groups who are affected the most by HIV due to stigma and discrimination, and who are ignored by other organisations and local government. Such as children, mothers and young people in developing countries. And also people living with HIV, sex workers, men who have sex with men and people who use drugs all over the world.

We are at a turning point in the AIDS response. The coming five years are crucial for removing all the barriers that make people vulnerable to HIV or prevent them getting treatment. That’s why Aidsfonds is determined to work with you to fast-track our efforts to put an end to AIDS in 2030.

What are the benefits of working under one name?

It will make our efforts to put AIDS on the political and social agenda even more efficient and effective. We are extremely worried about the future of the AIDS response. This epidemic, that has been one of the largest public health threats in human history, could escalate again at any time if we do not take action now. We must step up the response to AIDS. With one name, we have a louder voice and are in an even better position to improve our contribution to the global AIDS response.

What isn’t changing?

Under one name we will continue to work as passionately as you know we do. We will still use all our knowledge and experience in our projects, while having the courage to demonstrate the success of an unconventional approach. And we will continue to aim for maximum impact in our work.

More information

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Answers on the most frequently asked questions regarding this change can be found at the FAQ-section.