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The new name comes with a new logo and new branding, representing our organisation. You may need to be aware of our new branding for the work you do for us or for your communication about us.

Use of the Aidsfonds logo

If you use the STOP AIDS NOW! logo and/or the former Aids Fonds logo, please replace this with the new Aidsfonds logo.

Guidelines for correct use of the Aidsfonds logo

  • It should never be altered in any way, such as font, colour and proportions or added icons
  • It should never appear stretched or distorted
  • It should always be reproduced from an original file and never re-made
  • It should always appear on a white background. Should you happen to have a red background, please contact us so we could provide you with an alternative.

Download the Aidsfonds logo (right-click, save as)

Use of Aidsfonds corporate information

If you use a corporate text about STOP AIDS NOW and/or Aids Fonds, please replace this with the following text:


The epidemic can only be stopped if the people and regions most affected by HIV are put in the center of the AIDS response. Daring to do so will be of decisive importance. This is exactly the strength of Aidsfonds. We focus on those population groups most affected due to stigma and discrimination. Both in the Netherlands and internationally. To end AIDS we find bold solutions with and within local communities, we work on the basis of what has been proven effective in the AIDS response and we lobby worldwide to keep AIDS high on the agenda.

Any questions with regard to our branding?

Please get in touch with your contact at our organisation.