8 Days for Gender Equality

8 Days for Gender Equality

For 8 days, from Zero Discrimination Day (1 March) to International Women's Day (8 March), Aidsfonds is raising awareness for gender equality with our '8 Days for Gender Equality' Campaign. Each day we'll cover strategic action that can be taken against gender inequality fueling the AIDS epidemic. On the 8th day, we launch our new guide on Gender Transformative HIV Programming, the Big Picture, filled with strategic approaches and case studies. 

Gender equality and HIV

Gender equality means equal rights and opportunities within all areas of life. It means valuing different behaviours, aspirations and needs equally, regardless of gender. In Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 5, the world committed to ending all forms of discrimination against all women and girls everywhere. Gender inequality, resulting in discrimination and violence, is a root cause of the HIV epidemic worldwide. Marginalised communities often face multiple, overlapping forms of discrimination, and are thus disproportionately impacted by HIV and AIDS. Now is the time to address this injustice! 

Sustainable Development Goal 5 Gender Equality

How you can join the movement

  • Share your own experience and approaches on gender equality and HIV using the hashtag #GenderEqualityandHIV

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Woman Gender Equality

9 Ways Gender Norms Impact HIV

Dominant gender norms increase vulnerability to HIV infection for women, men, and transgender people, and affect people living with HIV. There are gendered differences in risk-taking in sexual behaviour, testing behaviour, fear of disclosure, gender-based violence, self-stigma, and adherence. Often masculinity norms dictate men should have many sexual partners, increasing their risk. Dive into 9 ways how these societal and individual norms unfold into increased HIV prevalence. 

9 Ways Gender Norms Impact HIV

Gender introduction workshop ‘Gender Box’

Working in a Gender Transformative Way requires self-reflection. Get started yourself with this interactive exercise. Explore how gender roles, sexism, and homophobia affect your environment. 

Day 3

Get to know Gender Transformative Approach

A sustainable approach to tackle gender inequality is by implementing a Genders Transformative Approach (GTA). Working in a gender transformative way requires changing the policies, norms and practices which underlie gender inequality. 

What is Gender Transformative Approach

5 steps to develop a gender transformative approach in HIV programming

To fight HIV, we need to address structural drivers e.g. gender-based discrimination and rights violations. We believe a gender transformative approach does just that. Find out how. 

5 steps to develop a gender transformative approach in HIV programming

WOFAK - A successful gender transformative approach story

Dive in a case from WOFAK who joined our Gender Development Project. Learn how they responded to high levels of poverty, gender-based violence, stigma and discrimination by empowering women living with HIV to become Human Rights Champions. 


Hands Off - Effectively reducing violence against sex workers

Learn how sex worker-led organisation Sisonke, SWEAT (Sex workers Advocacy Taskforce), the Asijiki coalition, SAPS (South African Police Service), and COC Netherlands worked together, taking a participatory approach, to reduce violence against sex workers. 

Reduce sex worker violence

Access the renewed Big Picture now

This complete guide provides extensive learnings on how to develop a gender transformative approach in HIV programming — building on gender equality to fight HIV. It includes approaches, exercises, case studies and loads more. 

Big Picture

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